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Natural movement

Welcome to the first of an occasional qigong blog. I welcome any feedback and discussion. I’ve been thinking and reading about movement quite a bit recently and one thing that keeps cropping up is the idea of natural movement. In the Chinese internal arts (qigong and martial practices such as tai chi, bagua and xingyi) this has many resonances. In these traditions, it is common to practise ‘simple’ core movements over and over again (usually slowly, mindfully and relaxedly and with focused awareness), to create better biomechanical alignments, greater fluidity and power, and whole body integration. These core movements are
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Well that’s a surprise – ultra-processed food is bad for you

Hot on the heels of the news that ultra-processed food makes up more than half of the average Briton’s diet (and 60% of the average American’s), comes a French report that consumption of these ‘food-like substances’ significantly increases the risk of cancer. In fact adding just 10% of ultra-processed food to the diet increases the cancer risk by 12%. Author Michael Pollan famously coined the phrase “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”. By eat food, he meant real food – stuff our grandparents would have recognised. Real food can be processed of course. Tea is, coffee is, cheese is.
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Qigong blog and qigong website

My enthusiasm for qigong seems to just keep growing – week on week, year on year. It saddens (and frustrates) me that it is so little known and practised – compared to yoga. I’m not sure if there is something in the nature of qigong itself (it’s slower to ‘get’ than yoga which seems to fit Westerners’ expectations of exercise a bit more neatly) or just lack of publicity – can we get a couple of celebrities to start bigging it up? Anyway, to do my bit I’ve expanded the qigong section of my website to include some discussion of
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