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Qigong and the Paddington Stare

Anyone who has seen the wonderful film Paddington 2 (and what a delight in store if you haven’t) will remember the Paddington hard stare. As the little bear says,” my aunt taught me to do them when people had forgotten their manners”, and in the movie, even hardened convicts quail when Paddington turns it on them. I found myself referring to the Paddington stare in a recent qigong class when we were doing the tiger form. Chinese qigong books often suggest that a ‘fierce stare’ be adopted when doing practices like the tiger. The tiger belongs to Wood and thus
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Movement and stillness – yin and yang in practice

“In all stillness there must be movement; in all movement there must be stillness” Qigong saying   Some years ago a Chinese doctor called Yan Dexin wrote a book called Aging and Blood Stasis, which emphasised an interesting approach to the treatment of disease in the elderly – one that has meaning for all of us in our practice of what the Chinese call the internal arts (qigong, taichi, bagua, yoga etc.). The conventional (and rather obvious) idea in Chinese medicine is that as we age we use up our vital resources (known as jing or essence) until finally, when
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