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Yinyang in qigong 3: internal and external

Yinyang in qigong 3: internal and external Chinese martial arts are commonly differentiated into two styles: external-yang (waijia) and internal-yin (neijia). Of course the distinction is not rigid, since like all yinyang differentiation, each contains elements of the other. However it can be a useful shorthand. Waijia – external – yang Mention Chinese martial arts to most people and they likely think of people flying through the air, yelling and delivering dramatic kicks and punches, maybe even smashing bricks with their bare hands. Typified by the Shaolin fighting monks, this is waijia (pronounced whyjeea). Like much modern exercise, these external styles aim for
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Yinyang in qigong 2: strength and softness

“Being strong without letting strength go too far, being flexible without becoming ineffective, strength is joined to flexibility and flexibility is applied with strength.” Liu I-ming, 18th century CE In this second blog discussing the application of yinyang theory to qigong, I want to discuss the complementary opposites of strength and softness. Strength – yang We all need to build and maintain sufficient strength to accomplish whatever we want to do in life. For most of us that doesn’t involve anything heroic. In a varied and ‘natural’ life, we probably want to carry all kinds of things – children, shopping,
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