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JCM107I founded The Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM) in 1979. I’d just qualified as an acupuncture practitioner and only had a few patients so I had lots of spare time. It’s hard to imagine now, but in those far-flung days there was hardly any literature available in English – just a handful of poor quality books. The first dozen or so issues of the journal therefore included articles on the most basic theories of Chinese medicine, for example the functions of the zangfu, that simply weren’t available anywhere else.

Now, 37 years later, the journal is still going. We have published articles on almost every conceivable topic by the very best international authors/practitioners of our generation. The entire back content is now online, with thousands of abstracts and research reports available to subscribers. We think this now constitutes the broadest and deepest library of Chinese medicine on the internet.

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  1. Stephen Kwan

    I would like to know which one of your reference books contain the terminology of acupuncture techniques, such as reinforcing, reducing and stimulation. There are a lot of difference interpretations. I would like to find out your vision of explaination. Thank you.

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Stephen. This doesn’t appear in anything I’ve written. My own preference is to use reinforcing/reducing to describe needle technique and then a variety of words for treatment principle: tonifying (qi and yang), nourishing (blood and yin), draining (damp), clearing (heat) etc.
      best wishes, Peter

  2. Richard

    Dear Peter
    I would like to buy your book – Live Well Live Long,
    as an Ebook.
    I have looked at samples and previews on Apple Books and Amazon Kindle.
    However, both show the text of your book in very small font size and only partially filling the full page.
    Please could view both the above pretending to be a prospective customer, to realise the root issues.
    Please also preview other books to see how they are
    displayed in both systems – I recommend these books:
    Daoist Meditation by Wu Jyh Cherng
    Tranquil Sitting by Yin Shi Zi
    Sitting in Oblivion by Livia Kohn
    My conclusion so far, is that your book needs to be correctly Formatted to best suit both Ebooks formats.
    As I am relatively new to all this, the error might be mine.
    Ideally I would like to buy your book on Apple Books.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks
    Best wishes

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Richard
      Thanks fort flagging this up.
      I’ve looked on my iPod but I can’t reproduce the problem as I can’t see the customer view since I already have both. First of all I can assure you both fill the full page when downloaded. Secondly any chance you could send me a screenshot of what you see … to

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