Live Well Live Long

Live Well Live Long explores the wonderful Chinese tradition of nourishing life (yangsheng). Continuously developed over more than 25 centuries, it serves as a workshop manual for the care of the human body, mind and spirit. Its teachings can help us improve our health and lengthen our lives through cultivating our mind, emotions, diet, exercise, sleep, sexual behaviour and much more. And as this book reveals, these teachings are comprehensively backed up by the findings of modern lifestyle research.

At the same time, the world has changed radically since the early days of yangsheng teachings. This book also shows how its core principles can offer solutions to many of the challenges we face today: climate change, sustainability, social injustice and more.

Hardback, 425 pages, published 2016.

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  1. Dear Peter,

    How wondrous can this life be! How timely do things appear to be when your arms are all open!

    I am a Chinese medicine practitioner who wanted to bridge the gap between the ancient knowledge and the general public by establishing a tea brand that encompasses Chinese medicine principles. My tea blends do not carry any traditional “CHA” such as black tea, green tea, etc. Rather, they compost of Hong Zao, Yu Zhu, Gan Cao, Huang Qi, and various other herbs. I have put together 5 blends so far comprising mild Qi tonic to Yin Tonic, to mild Heat/Damp clearing blend to name a few. I have worked hard to make sure that the dispensing of the blends are carried according to Chinese medicine principles by having worked out algorithm of questions that resemble Chinese medicine practitioner’s consultation. Through this process online, the general public is guided to a blend that would complement their constitution in order to improve their wellbeing.

    The business is there to serve a mission: to bring Chinese medicine closer to the public. By dispensing the Teas according to Chinese medicine principles, the curiosity of Chinese medicine is raised. And we quench that thirst by educating them on the website!

    Two years on this journey of finding the right way to dispense different blends, I am excited to say that I think I have worked it out. However, one thing that I am yet to complete is the “knowledge section”. One of the main aim for my business is to educate the public: teaching people what Yin and Yang theory is about; how understanding 5 element theories can improve one’s health and wellbeing.

    About 3 days ago, when I had started to work on the “glossary” of the website, I received an email from Chinabooks announcing the arrival of “LIVE WELL LIVE LONG” by Peter Deadman.

    I cycled down to Chinatown as soon as I could and grabbed the last copy of your book and bolted back home.

    It’s been exhilarating few hours that I am reading through your beautiful book which I feel every one of my patients should take home. And of course, the whole world beyond my practice! What I wanted to do clumsily over a few hours of time explaining the fundamentals of Chinese medicine concepts, you have done so elegantly and probably most defiantly over months and years of research and editing process! What you have created is so easy to read, reliably referenced, and totally relatable to modern days: I am absolutely humbled by this.

    Having now discovered the book with contents that I would love to help spread to the world, I thought I reach out to you! Reach out to you and ask if you would be interested in having your endeavours shared in my website at all? If what I am trying to do resonate with you and would like to see how we could work together to spread the beautiful wisdom Chinese medicine, I would love to hear back from you.

    Lastly, I would like to thank you for your beautiful work; it’s such a relief to have a guidance of such a master as yourself in this world of so much noise about health and wellbeing.

    My email address is is the website of my company. It’s live but some of the contents still need editing so please excuse any bad English (English, as you might have already noticed, is not my first language).

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon and may your day is filled with harmony and contentment.

    PS. I lolled real hard reading your comments to Dr Edzard. Yes, what a coward indeed!

  2. Peter Deadman

    Dear Ju-youn Kim
    Thanks so much for your comments. This book is very close to my heart and I put a lot of work and a lot of myself into it. It has been a strange time – waiting to find out what the response is, and yours has been pretty much the first comment by anyone who has read it. I em encouraged. I will reply directly by email also. Peter

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Lorna. There are no plans for a kindle version at the moment but I will keep an eye on the idea. Peter

  3. Becky Chapman

    Dear Peter
    have just finished your beautiful book. It is ‘bloody brilliant’ (as we would say here in Australia in lieu of ‘most excellent’).
    This is not a book for TCM practitioners & their patients, it is a book for everyone.
    I am a Western Medical doctor who came to Acupuncture via Tai Chi &an adverse drug reaction & am happily studying acupuncture & quite intrigued by the TCM stuff. It is so sensible & reasonable.
    Having bought the book on a Friday I read & read over the weekend; not in the correct order, of course, I had to read the chapters on tea, exercise & other bits first, but then stalled when I got to the ‘Haramakis’. Having been brought up in England to ‘keep your back warm’ & now living in an area of Australia which gets snow (twice in the last 2 weeks) I hurried ahead & knitted myself a ‘wooly tube’ (out of Japanese Noro wool, naturally enough) & now I’m as happy as a pig in muck (or whatever the saying is usually).
    I re-read it again soon. It is so readable & well researched, including much that that has been interesting me in recent times. If only the politicians would read it!
    My grateful thanks to you for the huge effort it must have taken to pull it all together. It is a work of art.
    Live long & prosper!

  4. marta

    Hi Peter Deadman.
    I’m portuguese nurse and an acupuncture practionere.
    Thanks a lot for all you teatch and for share your knoledge.
    And sorry, my english is not very good.
    Marta Silva

  5. Hello Peter,
    I have read your book. I got lot of knowledge from this book. I want to give that book to my friend but I need the kindle version.
    Do you have kindle version?


    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Hasan. I’m glad you found the book useful and I’m sorry that there is no Kindle version. best wishes,

  6. Charlette van Hout

    Hi, I am trying to purchase the iBook version of your book but it says it is currently being modified and won’t let me buy it. Please help I am very keen to read your book.

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Charlette
      That’s strange. I’ve had a look in the iBooks store and it doesn’t give me that message. I will ask someone else to have a look and get back to me.

  7. Amy

    Peter, thank you SO much for your book!! I have been devouring it. I feel the principle of Yang Sheng (prevention vs. medication) is crucial in today’s health world. You have done a beautiful job of bridging the gap between ancient Chinese health philosophy and modern science. I’m not sure if there is another book out there like it! Previously, Chinese theories have been thought to be mainly an eastern brand of spirituality and your book clarifies the modern wisdom of their traditions and separates out the spiritual from the practical and realistic. It is also a very holistic look at health, which is extremely refreshing in an era where there are so many differing health views. I’m so grateful I found your book and I intend to promote it to everyone I can.

    • Peter Deadman

      Dear Amy. Thank you for your heart-warming words and I am grateful that you want to spread the word about the book. warm wishes, Peter.
      PS: what would you think of quoting your comments on the Live Well Live Long facebook page?

  8. Jakub Niedoba

    Hello dear Peter,
    this book is so perfect and when i end reading i was very happy that i bought one. This book is the best book what i read. I have to say to you thank you a lot. It is big inspiration for me. However i have one quastion for you, my girlfriend is now pregnant and you write in book that you don’t write specific diets for childrens and newborns since it would take an entier book. I would like to ask you for recomandation any book or blog about diets for newborn and childrens and about care of children.
    Thank you for your time

      • Jakub Niedoba

        Hello Peter,
        thank you so mutch for your tip however as you say for me is only early chapter and this book is so expensive for me to read only one chapter. If you would remember any other tip about baby food, parenting or anything else let me know please.

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