10-hour, 35-video course in taichi shibashi (18) qigong

“This course is has gone way behind my expectations and loving the process! Very clear in your delivery and loving it. I’m very grateful to you for putting this course out there. I’m feeling very blessed to have found it. Thanks”

“My expectations were high – this course is exceeding them!”

“Really loving this course. The pace and clarity are exceptional.”

“Peter is an amazing teacher. thank you so very much!”

“This course is life changing and a true gift to all who are blessed to discover and practice it.”

Taichi shibashi (18-movement) qigong is one of the most popular qigong forms practiced throughout the world. It is characterised by continuous flowing movements, detailed attention to form and structure, slow deep lower abdominal breathing and mental stillness and absorption. The eighteen movements, once learned, take 15-20 minutes to perform and will be a rich addition to your personal health and well-being throughout your life.

This comprehensive course is ideal both for beginners and experienced practitioners of qigong, including practitioners of taichi qigong. It includes eight roughly hour-long classes with numerous additional videos expanding on different aspects of the form and of qigong in general.

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You can view the introduction, the whole of Lesson One and a video ‘about qigong’ and buy the course here


Try out a short practice to improve hip and lower limb health taken from the course