Comprehensive 8-hour course in the baduanjin (eight silken movements) qigong form

The baduanjin, maybe as old as 1000 years, is a series of eight movements. The name is usually translated at the ‘eight silken brocades’ or the ‘eight silken movements’.

It combines the best of qigong practice – cultivating the body, breath and mind to help develop strength, energy, health, mindfulness and much more.

This course is made up of 30 videos, with introductory warm-ups, neigong (internal skill) practices, detailed instruction on each movement, a video of the whole form and how to transition from one movement to the next, videos on everything from how and when to practise, how to drop the shoulders and relax the chest, even what clothing to wear. There are also segments explaining what qigong is and giving an account of its ancient and modern history.

Access the course here.

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