My qigong classes and workshops


Every Monday, 4pm UK summer time, one-hour live class focusing on movements from the eight pieces of brocade (baduanjin) form.

Pay what you can afford.

You have to book no later than one hour before the class


Every Thursday, 12 noon UK summer time, this short (20-30 minute) free class focuses on calming and relaxing the mind and body.


You have to book no later than one hour before the class




Low-cost community drop-in qigong class

This is an ongoing drop-in class where we explore different aspects of qigong and neigong, working with core movements and exploring some of the classic forms

Time: Mondays 4-5pm (£4.50)

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre, Brighton

Watch a brief intro to qigong here


Drop-in bagua for health course

Baguazhang is one of the ‘internal’ martial arts of China and is a wonderful practice for health, bodily strength and flexibility. It works with powerful spiral movements of the body, development of waist and core strength, and the famous bagua circle walking with its rapid and unpredictable turns. This class will teach bagua fundamentals without martial applications.

Watch a brief intro to bagua here

Note: this course requires a reasonable degree of mobility and fitness 

Time: 5.15 to 6.30pm

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre, Brighton


Taichi (shibashi) qigong course

Learn one of the loveliest qigong forms. The 18-move taichi qigong form takes around 15 minutes to complete and is perfect (repeated once or twice with some preparatory quiet standing) as a daily practice.

Watch Peter performing the form

Next course starts: Tuesday April 28th, 12.30 to 1.30

Venue: Evolution Arts, Brighton

Details and booking


Drop-in baduanjin (eight pieces of brocade) qigong

One of the most famous and widely practised qigong forms practised for elastic strength, natural body movement and a stable and resilient mind.

Watch a brief video of the baduanjin here

Time: 6 to 7.15pm starting January 9th

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Workshop (London)

Strengthening the five organs for health and well-being

Sunday 9th February at City College London

This workshop will teach core qigong body-mind-breath practices and then show how they can be applied to movements which work on the five vital organs of the body according to Chinese medicine: the lung, spleen, heart, kidney and liver.

A video of the movements will be made available to those who attend the workshop to encourage future practice.

Suitable both for beginners and experienced practitioners with a reasonable level of fitness.

Details and booking

Weekend residential

Live Well Live Long: a weekend with Peter Deadman £370 / 26-28 June 2020

This weekend based at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire will be an enjoyable and potent mix of qigong and lifestyle education. Peter will teach qigong forms (backed up by videos) that everyone can take away for daily practice, as well as discuss how we can cultivate our minds, emotions, bodies, and breath to increase health and wellbeing.

The weekend is open to everyone with an interest in health and wellbeing, suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners of qigong, however a moderate level of fitness is recommended.

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