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Qigong for the five zang: strengthening the five principal organs for health and wellbeing,  workshop, London Saturday July 9th

Drawn from my 30-years’ experience of qigong, this workshop will teach core qigong body-mind-breath practices (neigong) and then show how they can be applied to movements which work on the five principal organs of the body: the lung, spleen, heart, kidney and liver.

The workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced qigong practitioners and is ideal for acupuncturists and shiatsu practitioners with a basic understanding of Chinese medicine and the channels, although this is not necessary to benefit from the day.

A video of the neigong and the five zang practices will be made available to participants after the workshop.

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September 9th to 11th 2022

Why not join my Live Well Live Long residential weekend retreat in the beautiful 13th century Charney Manor Quaker house in September. Many hours of qigong plus a range of presentations on healthy lifestyles. This is what they said about last year’s retreat: “Amazing opportunity to hear about a fascintating, endless topic. Great organisation, pacing and duration. Highly recommend”, “Thank you for a heart-opening, nourishing weekend which has been a feast for the senses”, “10 out of 10! Couldn’t have been better.”





MONDAYS LOW-COST ZOOM CLASS (in studio and on zoom)

Every Monday, 4pm UK time, one-hour class focusing on movements from the eight pieces of brocade (baduanjin) form. There is a video of the form available to students who take this class.

Watch introductory baduanjin video here

You have to book no later than one hour before the class



Ten hours, 35 videos

Learn one of the loveliest qigong forms. The 18-move taichi qigong form takes around 15 minutes to complete and is perfect (repeated once or twice with some preparatory quiet standing) as a daily practice.

“This is a wonderful course. It is so informative, detailed and all-encompassing. It has very clear concise descriptions of the forms and the short and extended lessons were very helpful to refine my practice. I hope I can continue to refer to the videos and lessons. I enjoy this form. I find it quite powerful, and I want to include it more with my other Qi gong practice.”

“Thank you! I am enjoying this practice immensely and I already feel better, sleep better and move better. I really appreciate the format of smaller sections that help to pull it all together.”

“I deeply appreciated this entire course. I have been so grateful to get back into my qi gong practice and am pleased to have access to such a gifted and serious teacher. Thank you so much for providing this venue. I can’t say how much it means to me.”

Watch Peter performing the form

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