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Tai chi helps with fibromyalgia

There’s a large and growing body of research showing the benefits of tai chi and/or qigong … read more


Qigong and tai chi research (posted March 5th, 2018)

I must confess I have a weakness for research. Despite its many pitfalls, over time it can help clarify which health practices are helpful and which appear not to have any objective evidence to back them up. It embodies the ideals of science and philosophy – both of which are committed to accurate observation and a willingness to adapt our beliefs in the light of such evidence … read more


Natural movement (posted February 27, 2018)

I’ve been thinking and reading about movement quite a bit recently and one thing that keeps cropping up is the idea of natural movement.

In the Chinese internal arts (qigong and martial practices such as tai chi, bagua and xingyi) this has many resonances … read more