Qigong: Cultivation of body, breath and mind – a new book from Peter Deadman


Two years in the writing and close to completion. This new book covers the underlying philosophies and history of the many Chinese practices that come under the broad umbrella term qigong. It draws both on the traditional wisdom and modern understanding of body, breath and mind cultivation. There are links to dozens of videos demonstrating a whole range of qigong practices.

You can view contents and sample pages here.

Contents and preface

First part of Chapter Two

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Early reactions

“Peter Deadman has written the qigong book, a work that is as encyclopedic as it is practical, as wise as it is humorous, and as rooted in science as it is steeped in ancient common sense.”

Kaz Wegmuller, Acupuncturist and Herbalist Author, Acupuncture for Curious People

“Very comprehensive, clear and accessible. I like the blend of East/West, traditional/modern scientific research and you include many important points for practitioners of all abilities to observe in their training. Full of good stuff, well rounded and exuding the deep value of a balanced approach.”

Sam Moor, Tai chi teacher