New year resolutions

I think most of us approach the new year with some idea of what we might want to do differently or better. Whether we achieve that is another matter, but the opportunity is there. So here’s a simple invitation to engage with a qigong practice that – when committed to – can really change our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

I’m starting a regular class in the baduanjin (eight silken movements) qigong form (Tuesdays 7.15pm UK time). Over a thousand years old, it incorporates all the time-tested wisdom of what is known as the ‘internal arts’ tradition. In practice this means cultivating skill in the three treasures of body, breath and mind.

Regular practice will build physical strength, balance and stability, enjoyment of the physical body, deeper breathing and a calm, open and resilient mind.

If you’ve not tried qigong before, why not catch this new year, new leaf opportunity and give it a go.

warm wishes for 2022


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