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My enthusiasm for qigong seems to just keep growing – week on week, year on year. It saddens (and frustrates) me that it is so little known and practised – compared to yoga. I’m not sure if there is something in the nature of qigong itself (it’s slower to ‘get’ than yoga which seems to fit Westerners’ expectations of exercise a bit more neatly) or just lack of publicity – can we get a couple of celebrities to start bigging it up?

Anyway, to do my bit I’ve expanded the qigong section of my website to include some discussion of qigong, an account of its history and a substantial batch of research on the benefits of qigong and tai chi.

I’m also starting a qigong blog to run alongside my general wellbeing blog (of which this is a part). So, if you want to receive qigong blog posts, you can sign up for them as well on the home page. You will then receive both kinds of blog posts.

Finally, the latest issue of The Journal of Chinese Medicine has published my article on The Transformative Power of Slow, Deep Breathing and you can read the article for free. North America link   Rest of the world link

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