A Manual of Acupuncture

A Manual of Acupuncture
A Manual of Acupuncture
I was approached in around 1990 by a publisher who wondered if I wanted to write an acupuncture points book. I declined because I thought that there were already too many on the market. Some time later I was talking to a friend who pointed out that the fact there were so many meant that there was a significant demand. I then began to conceive the idea of a book that offered much more than anything I’d yet seen.

The next step was to assemble a team. I ended up working with my close friend Mazin Al-Khafaji on the Chinese medicine part of the book and with a friend and colleague – Kevin Baker – on the point locations and  illustrations. Mazin translated classical point indications from a variety of textbooks, as well as any commentaries and quotations (he had to educate himself in classical Chinese to achieve this) and together we wrote the point commentaries which are at the heart of the book. We met just about every week for eight years. The work that Kevin and I did was similarly exacting – again consulting numerous books and deciding on the best way to describe the point locations, followed by the careful commissioning of core illustrations. I later spent many hundreds of hours in front of the computer, turning these core illustrations into the point illustrations. As the book neared completion, I devoted myself full time to it for about a year – writing the introductory chapters, choosing the typography style under the guidance of John Chippindale, as well as deciding on paper, binding, cover etc. We tried to be equally fastidious about every single aspect of the book (for example spending a long time on layout to try and ensure that wherever possible the point location and point illustration were on the same page).

Liver 3 acupuncture point

Acupuncture point LIV-3

Within a year or two of its publication, A Manual of Acupuncture became the standard points text throughout the English-speaking world. As well as the textbook (now also translated into German, French, Italian, Czech and Portuguese) it is currently available as a Point Cards Set, a smartphone/tablet app (Apple & Android) and an Online Edition.




  1. Jael Katz

    Hi Mr. Deadman
    First of all, I would like to say, that I love your acupuncture book. I have heard, that you have a great application for iPhone, and I am wondering if you have any plans of making a version of android?
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Jael Katz

    • Hi Jael
      Thanks for the post. Actually our developers aren’t keen to produce an Android version. They say that Android apps are too easily pirated. best, Peter

      • Dimitri

        Hi Peter,
        Please get New developers as they have no idea how you can make an app that can cut down on piracy. You can pirate IOS stuff just as easy as on Android. (I definitely do not pirate.) Right now I am in a dilemma as my wife is an acupuncture student and I either get her a tablet with your app for $250 or I get to pay $500 for an IOS device. (for student on a budget that’s a LOT of $)
        One of the reasons I searched for this thread is after reading latest tech news on how Android has overtaken Apple in tablets.
        (http://www.maximumpc.com/numbers_android_king_tablet_market2013) and this is just going to keep on happening. First phones, now tablets. More Android devices out there and your developers are shutting you out of a HUGE market share that can bring substantial revenues.
        I honestly do not see their reasoning for piracy on Android issue as the people who pirate will pirate and not much is going to stop them.
        My experience in combating piracy involves working 8 years for a major game publisher that shall remain nameless.

        Thank you.

        • Hi Dimitri. Here’s the situation. Either we’ve had really bad luck or else this is typical for digital development but our 3rd set (!) of developers have taken till now to get a fairly simple upgrade of the iphone app up and running (hopefully to be sent to Apple this week). At the same time they have been working on turning the much larger Manual DVDRom into a web app which will be accessible on any machine that has a browser. We hope to launch this in the next few weeks (though all previous deadlines have been missed). If it still seems a good idea after these are done, they will generate an Android app. thanks Peter

      • marsha

        Hello. I have the text and the CDs/DVDs. Classmates with more income bought iPads and the app for that shows excellent video of point location and needling technique not on the CDs/DVDs. Will your web version have the video imaging available? I don’t have extra money for an iPad, but if that has been the only way to get those useful videos. I do hope that aspect of the application is expanded to the PC world, and perhaps the Android world.

  2. Sofia Alva

    Dear Mr Deadman.
    I consider your book one of the most complete and well written on acupuncture.
    I have a question regarding the names of the yin channels. Jue means “between two”. In the case of the yin channels of the hand is correctly named but in the case of the yin channels of the foot the liver channel is more lateral/external (more yang) than the spleen channel so shouldn’t be caled jueyin. The speen channel is between the kidney channel and the liver channel and should be called jueyin (between two).
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Sofia Alva

    • Hi Sofia
      Well first of all that is how they are named traditionally and we’re not going to mess with things by renaming them. Secondly, in places on the leg, the Liver channel does run posteriorly to the Spleen channel. Thirdly, on the trunk, the Liver channel lies between the Kidney and Spleen channels. best wishes Peter

    • Dear Sofia, I am a chinese and would like to add in some words.
      Jue does not mean “in between”(I don’t know where you get that from). It means “the end of something”. In Shang Han Lun, jue yin means that the illness has progressed to the end(critical stage)-The patient is going to die. In normal yin yang functioning, it also refers to the the end(extreme) of yin.

    • Daniele

      Dear Mr Deadman.
      I am a professor who loves to use your app on my Iphone. I have been waiting to buy a new phone (Android) since Jully. Any news of an app for Android yet? The Android phones are selling 3 to 1 with I Phone now. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you !

      • Hi Daniele. Yes we have asked our developers to work on an Android version and we hope to be ready to publish it by late November. In the digital world deadlines seem a bit flexible but that’s our hope. Peter

      • Sergi Teijon

        I think it’s a mistake because there are a lot of android users and we we’ll enjoy this app. I think there must be any way to avoid hackers because there are a lot of good apps on android store (google play) and many of them are not free (skyscape’s washington manual, sanford guide…). In my group of acupuncture learners there are a lot of sad android users that can’t use your program on android devices.
        Please re-think this possibility.
        Thank you for your attention
        Dr Teijón

      • Tim Miller

        Really? An idea when the android app may come through? This is the best news I’ve heard all day!! I’ve been so bummed the app is not available on android. I have no intention of switching to iPad and want the app desperately!

        • Well, here’s the latest … We don’t have a date on the Android app yet as we are still waiting for the long-delayed launch of the Apple app upgrade (it’s close). The Android app is due to follow. BUT!!! the same developers are working on the upgrade to the Manual DVDRom which no longer functions on the latest Apple & Windows OS. After much discussion, we have decided that we will no longer publish this as a DVD but as a web-based application. This is the all-singing all-dancing digital version of the Manual (entire text, point locations videos, multiple test functions etc.). The upside of it being a web-based application is that it can be accessed on any device that has a browser, it can be updated easily, the videos can be high quality and it won’t suffer from OS upgrades. The only downside is that users will need broadband to use it. We are hoping for a July launch.

  3. Anna

    Thank you so much for an amazing text. I am a first year student and I own your book and find it to be the best choice for my studies. I also purchased the CD Rom for a windows computer so that I could watch the videos for point location. I have now purchased an IPad and am wondering if there is any practical way to move the information to it without purchasing the information for a 3rd time. I purchased the CD Rom key last month. Thank you for your assistance!

    • Hi Anna
      At the moment, no, there’s simply no way to transfer across because Apple controls dissemination of all apps and they are not cross-platform. However we will be introducing a completely new system early in the new year offering a way of using any of our Manual digital products on any of your devices. It will involve a small monthly rental payment but if feasible we will introduce a free period of rental for people who have previously bought the DVD. Details will become clearer nearer the time. Peter

  4. Carrie

    Hello Peter,
    I notice that there are two editions of your book. Are there important changes that were made to the new edition, or would I be fine with the blue (older) one?

    • Hi Carrie
      Every printing (we’ve had about 10) has had some changes made to it – mostly minor. The only difference apart from that between the blue & orange versions is internal colour.

  5. Jael

    I agree with Tim, there are hackers for both systems, but people who are more into computers choose Android, as they are better than apples’ itunes. Please give Android users the possibility of enjoying your work too!

  6. dear peter
    I am a student of acupuncture and am interested in patients drugged … and those who use alcohol, crack, cigarettes … and in your manual I could not find acupuncture points for addictions / abstinence…Do you have some points in the book? and I did not know to look? or use some right now with this purpose and can give me a hand?
    I thank
    from Brazil

  7. Denise Hanlon

    Dear Peter I am a third year student of acupuncture and find your book very helpful to me and my studies. Most of my classmates have your app on their iphones and it looks brilliant. My dilemma is I own a samsung galaxy phone and would have to change to a more expensive tariff to get an iphone just to access your wonderful app. I am considering doing this but saw that you have reconsidered doing an app for Android and was wondering if you have any idea when this might be available? Also is there a cd maybe I could buy of the app to put on my laptop? I am based in Ireland. Thank you, Denise

  8. Hi Peter, will there be a full version of ‘A Manual of Acupuncture’ available for download or is it only available via the iPad app for the points or via DVD? Many thanks and best wishes for a great 2013.

    • Hi Roberta. At the moment our developers are working on, a. an upgrade to the iPhone/ipad app with some additional content but not the whole book, and b. an expanded and improved version of the DVD which has been out for a few years. The DVD (better call it the multimedia suite) will work on ipads and computers. The plan is to sell/rent users a licence which will allow them to use either of these applications on any device they own (iphone, iPad, laptop, desk computer … and eventually Android etc.). All should work on the ipad 2. Peter

  9. Daniel Bullock

    Hi Peter,
    Please could you advise if possible, when the app of the book will be out for android?
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Daniel. Until we started working with digital; companies, I’d never encountered a field of work where people seem totally unable to deliver any job on time. We are still waiting (many many months later) for an upgrade on the iphone app and this was meant to be followed by an android version. I can only say that’s still the plan. Peter

  10. Ele

    Peter sorry if I am being repetitive of comments above, but I’m just unsure – is it sufficient that students only buy the Ipad App or, to be complete, is the book also useful? I’ve bought the app and our College seems to be suggesting we don’t need both, and I also don’t have the $$$ to throw around. Will it usually be sufficient just to have the app?

    • Hi Ele
      The app is a trimmed down version of the book. The point names, categories, locations, location notes, cautions, indications and actions, and illustrations are the same and of course the app has videos where the book does not. However the ‘meat’ of the book is the long commentaries on the points and this is absent from the app. The DVD which is currently being revised into a new version has the best of both the book and the app plus more besides (some great self-testing modules) but then again some people (like me) just love books. Peter

  11. Daniel Bullock

    Hi Peter,
    Many thanks for your swift reply
    Hope it does not stress you to much.
    The age of technology seems to complicate many things

  12. Tonia Nisbet

    Hi Peter,
    I’ve finally purchased your manual text version and was thrilled to find a bookmark enclosed advertising an app version available for apple users. However, I’ve been trying to find one with no such luck. I’ve searched the App Store for both iPad and iPhone versions under your name as well as the book title and haven’t come up with anything.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

  13. Tonia Nisbet

    My apologies. Yes, I had seen that app when searching last time. however, i was expecting the app logo to look similar to your book cover and when searching for ‘Peter Deadman’ hadn’t yielded any results I’d assumed that it wasn’t yours. I should’ve opened the app details and I would have recognized the illustrations. These mobile versions will be very convenient to have close at hand.

    Thanks again for your time,

  14. Tahnee

    Dear Mr Deadman, have there been any further considerations for developing an android app? I am currently an acupuncture student and have your hard cover book, an app for my tablet would be such a great benefit to my studies.

    Kind regards


    • Maybe because it’s a new technology or maybe we’ve just had bad luck but we have been having a tough time with our app developers. We had to sack one lot because of failure to deliver, their replacements decided after a few months they couldn’t manage the job and we are on our third now. Fingers crossed. At the moment our priority is to get the promised iPhone/ipad upgrade out but as soon as that’s done we will ask about Android. Apologies for the delay.

  15. heather

    I’ve downloaded the trial version of the Journal. Unfortunatly the videos aren’t working. I’d love to see them before I buy it!


  16. Jasmina

    Dear Mr. Deadman,
    I absolutely Love your acupuncture book. Could you please, please please, Make an android app? I saw the iphone app on my lecturers phone. It is simply AMAZING!!!

    Could you get a second opinion with other app developers?? Surely there is someone out there able to make a secure app that can’t be pirated (pirated things are of very poor quality… any student of acupuncture would buy it not pirate it). If there is a will, a way can be found. I can’t afford an iphone as a student, it makes no sense for me to buy another phone only for this app.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Jas. Actually it looks unlikely we will develop the app for Android at the moment because instead we are getting our Manual of Acupuncture DVDRom redesigned as a web application. This will be accessible by any device that can get online and will have the entire contents of the Manual plus extras such as videos, self-tests etc. best wishes Peter

  17. Peter, my wife teaches acupuncture in Toronto and most of her students use your manual as their major reference. Unfortunately she has an Android phone. I applaud your strategy of developing a web app. She could then use a tablet device to access your materials.

    I have to ask… Has any tentative release date been set?

  18. Dear Peter Deadman,

    we are writing about Acupuncture points for a blog and also want to have a drawing/picture of this point. Is it possible to use your drawings for that? And how does that work where and how can we buy the rights to use your points?

    Thank you for our time. All the best Frank

  19. Peter Mills

    Hi Peter,
    I have recently puchased your Manual of Acupuncture app, and can’t see any way of easily finding the Source points, Shu points, etc. Are these listed anywhere, or is there some way of searching for them?
    Kind regards,
    Peter Mills

  20. dear Mr Deadman
    A medical friend in a very remote area of Asia where there is no postal service would like me to send her a copy of your Manual. I have a chance of having it delivered to her by hand, but would appreciate knowing what it weighs before I go ahead and order it? Appreciate that there is also a DVD but it is over our budget! Thanks, Diana

  21. Danielle

    Hi Peter
    I am a student of Acupressure and I’m trying to get hold of your book, A Manual of Acupuncture. I have found it for a good price through Amazon Books, but they cannot deliver it to me unfortunately (i live in Western Australia). Are you able to give me any suggestions as to how i can get hold of this book at a good price?
    many thanks,

  22. Jael

    Great news about getting the app ready for android! I am looking forward to getting it there! Thanks! By the way, what is the problem with getting it on the marked?

  23. Justin Derringer

    Dear Peter,

    Thanks for all your and your team’s efforts to far. A Manual of Acupuncture has been a great resource for me and many others. Would you please give your latest estimate of the release timing for the new web app?


  24. Hi Peter
    Your book is one of the best out there and e-version has been a real help while studying. But as the market change and I now have to upgrade my electronincs. I wonder where I can find the much talked about android web based version. ??
    Any news about when it’s out on the market.

    Hope to soon install it on my tablet and phone.


    • Hi Daniel. The situation at the moment is that the iphone app will be rolled out for Android devices by the end of the year. It is a stripped down version of the full digital book (no commentaries for example) but full of content and features. It will work well on phones and tablets. The web app which is the full monster digital version is a bit more complicated. We’ve only just discovered that it won’t be optimised for Android tablets and are having to make a decision about whether to support the further development costs. Peter

      • Daniel

        Great news you come with Peter. Looking forward to February and the Android platform you’ll be launching then. Thanks and best wishes for a great year.

  25. Thanks Peter

    I sure hope that you will do it, since the market is doing a 180 and hittinig over 70% of the users that are Android. Once you have the Android you’ll get a huge customer crowd from Europe.

    All the best Daniel

  26. George

    Hi Peter, are you aware that the ios app has a bug? On my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 it does not use the whole screen. That’s no problem on the ipad but it is a nuisance on the iPhone. Will there be a fix soon?

    • Hi George. This bug appeared when Apple upgraded to IOS7. The good news is that it is being fixed. Also by the end of the year we hope to have a major upgrade in place with lots of additional features. Peter

  27. Justin Derringer

    Dear Peter,

    Hi, how are you?

    Any new estimate for the availability of the Manual of Acupuncture web application? I know you are all doing your best. I hope someday to use it not only to further my own education, but also to help people whom I will lead in Qigong classes and/or for whom I will do Acutonics treatment to expand their awareness.

    Thanks and wishing you well,

  28. Hi Peter. My friend has a kindle and downloaded your app for point location on it and I am smitten. Unfortunately, I only have a laptop and a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy 6 mini) and I would like to have this app on my laptop if possible. I am studying acupuncture at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and have done a practical stage in Hanoi, Vietnam

    • Hi Jutta. Here’s what we say about technical requirements for the web version (amanualofacupuncture.com): This app is designed to work on devices with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. It will function on devices with a lower resolution but may not be displayed as intended. For optimum performance you will need to run one of the following browsers, which can be downloaded free of charge:
      Laptops and desktop computers:
      Google Chrome
      Safari (Mac only – pre-installed with OSX)
      Safari Mobile (iPad only – pre-installed with IOS)
      Please note: We cannot guarantee functionality and/or a quality user-experience if you run this app in any unsupported browsers or on devices with screens smaller than recommended. The App runs in Firefox with the exception of video playback functionality. The next release will fully support Firefox and Chrome for Mobile.

  29. Diane

    I’m pretty much screwed. I have both the hardcover book and study point cards. But I have an android system that I use TCM Clinic Aid on. Your points have been pulled from that app because of your new product, yet I don’t have access to it. As a student, I can’t afford to purchase new systems just to get access to this. Do you have any viable suggestions?

  30. Jutta Teigeler

    Dear Peter, it is mid- February now and I desperately need the app for an android phone or a laptop. When will it be available?

    • Hi Jutta. It is hard getting a completion date from the developers. They say they are working on it and it’s going well. I will contact them to see if I can get a more precise prediction. Peter

  31. Hi Peter,

    I am an acupuncture student and was wondering how you and your co-authors decided to depict the meridians in A Manual of Acupuncture; that is, what source material did you use and why?

    Many thanks!


  32. Louis Burton

    Thank you Peter,

    I am back on line now!

    There was/is a bug on the app which means you cannot see any of the videos (on the PC version). I reported this to the support address you mentioned , but they ignored my emails altogether???


    P.S. works fine on my iphone and the demo video works fine on the PC, also how do I uprade from monthly to a total payment? I am sorry to be asking these questions on this forum, but I have never ever had a reply to any of my emails when sent to support@amanualofacupuncture.com

  33. antoniobinoni

    Hi Peter,

    I have converted to the outright purchase version, but I have had no confirmation to my email address, is that normal? I was wondering how can I read your manual if my WiFi goes down?

    I have also asked the support address above about the video issue and they still haven’t replied, or is there a problem wiht taht email address?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Louis. I am disturbed that you got no reply from our support team. Can you confirm the email address you sent the request to and where you got it from. As far as outright purchase is concerned, I will find out of you should have got a confirmatory email but if you can access the application it must be working. Finally, if your wifi goes down you won’t be able to access the application – it’s an online version after all. Peter

  34. Richard Starkey

    Hi Peter

    You use yin and yang in (at least) three ways in the Manual. I’m struggling to understand the third use and am hoping you might clarify.

    First, the terms are used as positive adjectives.
    E.g. the five zang are yin whilst the six fu are yang (p31)

    Second, they’re used as comparative adjectives.
    E.g. when the body is covered and the more yang defensive qi is no longer needed to protect the surface (p218)

    And third. they’re used as nouns.
    E.g. Restores the yang (p103)
    Revives the yang (p158)
    When the yang is abundant, the eyes are staring open; when the yin is abundant, the eyes will be closed shut (p321)
    Raises yang and counters prolapse (p552)

    This third use suggests yin and yang are substances. If they are, I’d be most grateful if you could clarify exactly what substances they are!


    • Hi Richard. Sorry that I missed this. I don’t think 3. necessarily implies substance, although – in the wonderfully flexible use of yin and yang – yin can equate to matter/substance. Light can be said to travel but does that make it a substance? Peter

  35. Johanne

    Hello Peter,
    I was wondering if you are soon planing on a new edition of your book? Not that I need it, but if there is one coming up I would rather buy that one 🙂
    Thanks, Johanne, Denmark

  36. Christina

    Hi Peter,
    I’m sorry to trouble you with this problem, concerning the purchase of a license to the online version of A manual and Acupuncture, but I do not know how else to go about it.

    I have already bought the iPhone version, but would also really like to buy a license for the online version for my laptop.

    I have repeatedly entered the card details on the website, but then nothing happens. I have also contacted the support several times, also without success.

    I therefore ask you if you have heard of or know of any difficulties in buying a license to the online version, and perhaps also know the solution?

    Christina, from Denmark

    • Hi Christina. I’m sorry about that. I will forward your concern to the support team and they will reply and try and establish why your emails have not been responded to. Peter

  37. antoniobinoni

    Hi Peter, you have an excellent book terribly managed by a poor support team who never have erplied to any of my emails either

  38. Melanie

    I seached the app of A Manual of acupuncture on Google play store, but I didn’t find it. The Android version still available or not?


  39. Melanie

    Thanks. I think that the problem is with my tablet version (Nexus 7, Android 5.0.2). Unfortunely, the Manual app is incompatible with that device. Do you to lauch an upgrade of the app?

    Best regards

    • sergi

      Hi Melanie
      From March 20th there’s a new version of the app, but when I try to install it, after installing more than 800mb, when I launch the app it stops and only shows a window with the message ”downloading applets” and nothing else happens.
      Have you tried the new version?

  40. Martin

    I have Manual of acupuncture – for android,english version 2.1.32.
    There are some problems in this version.

    – I am not able to register (when I touch Register – there is no response from the aplication).

    – Missing pictures in section Point applications and needling.

    I tryed to reinstall it but problem is going

    Can you resolve this problem?

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

  41. Jenna


    I have the Manual of Acupuncture Flashcards but all my lung meridian cards recently have been damaged. I was wondering if it was possible to get replacement cards or would I have to buy the whole set again?
    Thank you!

  42. Dear mister Deadman, I have been using your book, DVD-Rom and application for quite some time now and I am very happy with it. I recently purchased a new laptop with Windows 10 Home and it seems I can not run your program. The installation is no problem, but after I try to run it it keeps hanging with Loading… After a few seconds it shows the error: ‘The projecter file is corrupt’. Of course Quicktime is installed.
    Is your program still compatible with the latest Windows? The DVD is 7 years old now and says it’s compatible with Vista, that’s been quick some time ago now.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Chera. The DVD no longer works with new Windows software but you can upgrade to an online version. Go to amanualofacupuncture.com and follow the instructions. Peter

      • Heather

        I’m having a similar problem. I have a downloaded version bought last year. This worked on my windows 10 upgraded computer, but it won’t install on my new surface. I work in a WiFi free zone, so the online version isn’t useful for me.
        I would like to try a fresh download version, but the link no longer works.

  43. Hello Peter Deadman, Mazin Al Khafji, and Kevin Baker. Thank you for such a wonderful detailed informative book. This book is a truely great credit to you all. I am only studying the microsystem of the face with John Tindall. However I also wanted to understand some philosophy behind points, etc. I will be reading for the rest of my life! I would also like to point out the book is a trillion times more beneficial than any download. Well done for such hard work. : )

    • Hi Barbara. That’s really nice of you to take the time to say that. I completely agree with you that books rule! In fact I’ve recently finished a new book – Live Well Live Long – on the nourishment of life tradition (yangsheng). best wishes

  44. Hello Peter. First of all, I would like to say I bought your ( to include Mazin Al Khafali and Kevin Baker) manual on 10 April 2009 from Amazon and I still refer to it often for trace acupressure massages which actually offers great relief. I am still impressed as ever about the wonderfully detailed drawings of the points and techniques. Alas, I am very sad that you don’t have a Kindle fire addition because if you did, I would also purchase it because, I travel a lot and it’s just not practical to carry that heavy tome in my suitcase so, if you ever do decide to ( I dont care how much memory it would consume) have a kindle addition please let me know so I can get it. Thanks for your time.


  45. Dear sir,
    I am owner of your Manual of acupuncture book.
    I found it extremely helpful and use it on my practice as my preferred reference book on acupuncture.
    I bought also the applications for my iPhone, iPad and my android devices.
    I have o long catalog of protocols written on the section:””my point groups” on my iPhone.
    But is impossible to. transfer them on my iPad and android devices through your servers.
    Also it is impossible to have proper support on password issues regarding the applications.
    Please tell me how can I resolve those problems.
    Best wishes.
    P. Matsis MD
    Ophthalmic Surgeon

  46. Laurence


    I was using your site to prepare for my exams, as were my classmates.

    This morning when I tried to visite your site i get this message : “Viaduct will be closing its doors on 30th June 2017. If you have any applications on Viaduct, please ensure they are migrated before this date. You can contact us at any time if you need any assistance.”

    Is there a back-up site where we can view the movies to locate the acupuncture points?

    Will the site be back up again soon?

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!!

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Laurence. Thanks for flagging this up. Our developers say this has been fixed. Perhaps you could check and confirm that all is well for you and your classmates – I wish you and them success in your exams. Peter

  47. michele dolgovskij

    Hi, I am getting ready to purchase the hard cover of A Manual of Acupuncture. Is a new edition being planned anytime soon? If so, I might wait on that. Thanks! Michele

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Michele. No, no new edition planned. Glad you are buying the book version … books are still my favourite. Peter

  48. Paulo

    Hi Peter, I’m having the same issue with the app on a Android device (Moto g5 plus)
    Images of several points do not appear and it seems to be a random bug. It is not specific points wich do not show the image, it appears to happen after the loading icon when swiping between points.
    I already added to my ticket. Please help me.

      • Paulo

        Dear, Peter, thanks for answering. The last time I had a response from MOA support was is July 4, 2016. It was Andy who said “Hi Paulo,

        We are looking into this issue at the moment and hope to resolve it very soon.



        If this information is useful, my ticket at moasupport.freshdeck.com is number #1015. I already added your email address to the notification list, maybe you already received an email with my last comment on the ticket.

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Ben
      The cards are a simplified version to help learn points and location and for quick reference in the clinic (the smartphone app doers this too). The book has a vast amount more discussion and commentary.
      best, Peter

  49. Carol

    Hi I downloaded the app on my I phone but the videos won’t load and it takes ages for the info on points to display as well any suggestions regards

  50. Vlaminckx Kristine


    Yesterday I learned about your wonderful apps. I’m studying Shiatsu (human and horses) and your application is very useful for exact localisation etc.
    I would like to know if I purchase the I-phone/I-Pad application , will it than also be available on my MAC ?
    Or do I have to buy therefore a separate application ?

    Do you know whether something similar of that quality exists for horses ?

    Looking forward to your answer,
    With kind regards,

    Kristine Vlaminckx (Belgium)

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Kristine
      Thanks for the email. I think the best thing for you is to consider the online edition (amanualofacupuncture.com). It is in the process of being upgraded and the new version will be launched on December 4th (hopefully). It is designed to work on all devices. But you need to know it’s an online application so you need an internet connection. If you want to access an application without internet access you need to buy the iphone/ipad application but it won’t work on your Mac.
      I’m sorry I haven’t heard of anything similar for horses.
      best wishes, Peter

  51. Annabelle


    I am a first year acupuncture student. I inherited a box of the flash cards, however, they are completely mixed up and out of order.

    Do you have a table of contents available for the cards that would allow me to begin to sort them out?

    Thank you!! It would be a great help.

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Annabelle. I’m sure by now you’ve been given the order of the channels (Lung LU, Large Intestine L.I., Stomach SP, Spleen SP, Heart HE, Small Intestine SI, Bladder BL, Kidney KID, Pericardium P, Sanjiao SJ, Gall Bladder GB, Liver LIV. Within the channels just sort according to point number e.g. LU-1, LU-2, LU-3 etc. Any other cards (not included in above) are extraordinary points and the order is not that important, although if you are fussy consult a copy of A Manual of Acupuncture textbook in your school library and you will find them there. Good luck with your studies. Peter

  52. Bruno Guardieiro

    Dear Peter, congratulations on the excellent acupuncture app for the iPhone. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus version, and the app changed its icon to a “black rounded X” and became quite strange for the screen size, like it couldn’t adapt to the iPhone Plus size. Is it a known issue ? Is there any workaround being planned ? Best regards. Bruno

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Bruno
      Yes we’ve heard of this and it’s on our developer’s fix list – hopefully not too long.
      best wishes, Peter

  53. Alicia Carroll

    Hello Peter,

    I have a hard copy of your wonderful book.. I’m wondering if there is a discount for the app if i have purchased the text.. I have tried to resist the app due to finances however i am really keen for the quizzes.



    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Alicia
      I’ll pass your request on to Tom Kennedy who handles the app side of things. We definitely can’t discount the Apple or Android apps but we can probably do something with our own online edition which anyway has the most quizzes on it.

  54. Jayakumar AROCKIASAMY

    I am Indian Acupuncturist. Living at the South most state Tamil Nadu. Would like to purchase hard copy of your book. How can I purchase. Please guide me.

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Jayakumar

      I’m not sure where the best place is for you to buy it to reduce shipping costs: Australia, United States or UK. If you need names of distributors in those countries please get back to me. Do you know that there is also a digital version of the book?
      best wishes

  55. Hi, I have a hardcopy of your book and recently downloaded the app mainly so I could stream the videos. Unfortunately, they will not play. Whenever I click on a video, I just have a black screen. I am able to watch other you tube videos without a problem. I have also gone to my MoA, account, and clicked on the continuous play button with no improvement. Would you please reply soon? This is my second attempt to get a response.

  56. Hi Peter 🙂 thank you for your thoughtful and thorough contributions to acupuncture- I found an error in your card set on Lung 8- it says that it’s the jing well… anyways, funny thing, my maiden name is Deadman! Grandparents from Wales and Wiltshire… be well!

    • Peter Deadman

      Hi Melissa. Were you relieved to let go of your Deadman? I’ve always liked it (even though people laughed when I wrote a book about long life) as few forget it. Maybe you have an old set of cards. Mt LU-8 says Jing-river not Jing-well. best wishes, Peter

  57. Lindsay Holder

    I was wandering if there is much of a difference between the first and second edition. I am unable to look at the books before purchase hence asking. Thank you.

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