Creative writing

I had been playing violin in a Klezmer band (The Matzos) for a few years when – in 2007 – I decided to quit. There were various reasons but one was that I wanted to get into creative writing. I did a two-year certificate course in Sussex University’s continuing education school and during that time – and since – have written a number of short stories (soon to be published in a small collection) and am working on Juice – a novel for young adults. Here are a couple of examples of my stories.

Emile in the Circus won Plymouth University’s Short Fiction magazine’s new writers competition in 2009.

A Comrade Summer was shortlisted for the Manchester Fiction Prize in 2009.

READING TOLSTOY IN BARCELONA won the annual Earlyworks short story prize.

Spunk is a graphic story (don’t read if easily offended)

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